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Club Car Personal Vehicles

Villager 2 (Electric)

Price: Starting at $6,795


The Club Car Villager 2

Precedent Stretch PTV (Electric)

Price: Starting at $11,250


Extend your options with the Precedent® Stretch PTV. It combines unsurpassed power and durability with four forward-facing seats and 35 additional inches of legroom, the most front and rear legroom in its class. That fosters comfort, sociability and conversation. You won’t have to twist and turn to chat with friends or customers on rear-facing seats. Use it for visiting neighbors, dropping family and friends off at the pool or tennis courts, at your vacation home, in your small business or playing golf.


The electric vehicle comes with a maximum speed of 15 mph, or with Club Car’s 19-mph Private Use Speed Option, making it ideal for gated, country-club and retirement communities. Either way, it’s whisper quiet and emissions free.

Villager 2+2 LX LSV (Electric)

Price: Starting at $11,400


Upgrade your Villager 2+2, an electric utility golf car, with features such as alloy wheels, two-tone sport seats and a custom dash with wood accents for the LX model, all designed to maximize comfort and convenience.

Additional accessories include:
• Choice of white, beige, black, dark green or classic blue body color.
• Hour meter
• Speedometer
• Battery capacity indicator

It’s the perfect electric utility vehicle for driving a foursome to your neighborhood golf course, taking friends to your favorite restaurant, or loading up the family and heading to a nearby park. The Villager 2+2 LX presents the ideal alternative for everyday excursions with fun and convenience: It doesn’t require fuel, is easy to recharge, and costs pennies per day to operate.

Villager 2+2 LSV (Electric)

Price: Starting at $10,416


Villager 2 LSV (Electric)

Price: Starting at $9,856


Street-legal Villager 2 Low-Speed Vehicles are perfect for driving to your neighborhood golf course, picking up take out at your favorite restaurant or zipping to the gym for a workout. Choose the optional cargo box and you’ll have enough room to carry a week’s worth of groceries or to haul your dog to the park for a walk.

And low speed vehicles offer much more than convenience and fun: It doesn’t require fuel, it operates quietly, it’s easy to recharge and it cost pennies per day to operate.